Thursday, August 4, 2011

When the water came

It was raining a lot this couple days. When we came back from Laos, the street that takes us to Thoen (which is where I live) was close because it was flooded. So we had to use another street which takes us like 3 hours more. Anyways, this morning I woke up with my brothers yelling that the water is gonna get to our house. Yep, that made me wide awake. Still it was about 1/4 mile away (I feel like I should give them a [soft] kick for giving me a fright).

This was the bridge that I used to get some eggs from my mum this morning. It is now flooded and they won't let you use this bridge anymore (for now).

This is the bridge that I use everyday (well, almost). This bridge is the connection from our village to the town. You can see the white thingie down the bridge and that's where my house is and below that is flooded.

This is the last bridge that I went to look at and I had to cross it to get to my house. It was pretty scary. I asked Dinah (my sister) if I could stop and take some pictures but she was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The hill to get down town.

On the right hand, there's the shop that I like to borrow books from. It is now flooded and it is so sad.

The bags of stuff. It has oil, water, mama noodles (it is fast and easy to cook), pills, rice, fish sauce and more.

People getting in line to get food.

Please pray for Thailand.
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