Sunday, October 27, 2013

First week of college

Ah, the very first breath of fresh freedom! Haha, just kidding. So as you might have known, I just got accepted to Payap University. It's in the second "biggest" city in Thailand! Awesome awesome. So I got the letter that says "hey, welcome to the university" like 2 days before the student orientation, which means....drum roll please.... I get to have one full night of packing! Yay! (Can you feel the sarcasm in my voice?) Fitting everything I "needed" for the next year in two big suit case was challenging. And try doing that while your eyes is slowly starting to close too. Yep. But I got through it and the next morning, I was ready to go! Pa, Ma and I went into our van with a family's friend driving for us. Payap was like 3 hours from where I live so no biggie, I'll just sleep in the van. But then half way there, someone called us and said we needed something that we need, but we left it at home soooooooooooo..... anyways, it was a very frustrating moment, but I think it was mainly because I'm hungry.


So I got to relax a little bit after "unpacking", yeah, I add the quote thingie because it wasn't unpacking - I stuffed everything in the closet and everything else, I lay it on the bed since Pa has a doctor appointment. But anyways....... 

My roommate was not in the room for the first couple days that's because she is a Senior so she don't need no student orientation. Oh, her name is Young and she is Korean by the way. I could tell from the Skinfood (a famous Korean makeup brand) and all the other Korean stuff including a kimchi sauce (I think, Young, please don't kick me if I'm wrong). But I got to meet these two most adorable Japanese girls name Yoko and Risako! I took them to the mall and went to get some uniform, it was awesome! 

The food at the dorm was good too! We explore around the campus and it was interesting! At lease we have a gym and there's dance club and so much more that I'll talk about in the next blog. Right now, enjoy the pics!

This is Risako :)

Remember when I said I like those picture taking machine they have in Japan? Yeah, that's what it kind of look like. 

Another cool bunch of people I get to meet: Lychee, Risako, Yoko, me (of course), Fai (she is from the Thai program but she lives in the International dorm. She is a Cali girl for 6 years, I think) and Jamyang. 

The college experience for me was not that bad, seriously, I don't know what other people were talking about but I was so blessed to have a Christian roommate! And we respect each other and yesterday I just gave her some Advil because she was getting sick so yeah! I feel like my roommate and I, we are in good terms! Haha!

Oh, and we got kicked out of the red bus (kind of like a Taxi in Thailand which cost 150 baht = $5) because I don't know, he was mean. So we was going to walk but this kind man said he'll drive us. Normally I wouldn't take a ride from a stranger but he looks kind soooooo, we end up getting on the motorcycle (it was the kind that sells old stuff, ya know?). It was awesome and a fun experience. 


Yoko shared some Japanese treats! Fai, Yoko, Risako and I had a girl's movie night watching New Girl! It was sooooo funny! We kept saying last one! But when it ends, we said more more~


Found some awesome mashmellows! If only there's a camp fire for us to burn these yummy snacks!


It says Coke Cola for a Cutie :)



Oh, and just the first week, I had 2 assignment..... I feel like I miss those late mornings but College is fun too!

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Acturlly, I was gonna write more but I'm too tired. My poor brain is getting a migrain, ugh, I need a sweet big bowl of chocolate ice cream like now. I'll be updating here and there!,


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sad Hair Story

         Ah, so I've been thinking. Since the "new" trend this season is bangs, why not get bangs? I'm mean, I've had bangs for the most part of my teenage years (yes, I am now 20 - no longer a teen) and been growing them out since I became 18 - ish. 
         You can see these two pictures: on the left side was the 17 years old me and the right side is me now. So... not that I'm saying 20 is old, goodness, no. But for some reason, with bangs, I look a tad younger. Haha! Must have been the pig tails too huh? Well, anyways, I've been thinking of getting bangs and maybe cut my hair a little bit shorter. 
         Earlier this year, I colored my hair. At first I want it to be caramel brown but I think the hair dresser must have misunderstood me for there I looked in the mirror, after the 45 mins of all the changing-hair stuff, my hair was whitish-blond!! Ugh, and I had makin' another mistake with having my eyebrows blenched as well. I need not describe more. It was a disaster. I cried in the bathroom for 2 full hours after that. Soooooooooo, the next morning, my mom ran to the store and got me some dark hair thing. Which it was fine for a bit until my hair starts turning into a weird orange shade. T^T <--- this is my crying face.
        Now my beautiful hair that I've been so proud of in High school is very dry and unhealthy. Yeah. Sad sad sad. 

Moral of the story?  

If you are blessed with a beautiful hair, don't dye it!,

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