Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cowgirl photoshoot with Alyssa Zink

      This is one of my best friend, Alyssa. The very first thing I said to her (according to what she told me) is "What is that?" as I pointed to her face. "It's acne," she said. Back then, I didn't really understand it. "You mean pimple?" as she nod her head, I said "I would DIE to have a face (full of acne) like you!" Haha! She always joke about it all the time. She is one pretty girl though. I think she is the most awesome girl I ever met. I'm mean, she does things I don't think I would ever do, aka. built a house, run for a long time, know archery, be sooo down to earth (like eating stuff and gave me the it-is-safe-to-eat-it-when-it-is-less-than-five-minutes-on-the-floor argument) and lots of things that it is so cool. 
      Well, I won't be able to see her for a while so we had a sleepover and just talk all night. It was so fun! Oh and we had a "photoshoot" too. Here are some pictures :)


Alyssa took some my pictures :)


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      Alyssa, I will miss you. But I won't say goodbye because I know we will see each other again. I'm glad that we are friends. I will never forget you and we will keep in touch okay? I love you Alyssa, always have and always will. See you again!,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Angry Birds Cosplay

      Found this on a website. Mwahaha. This is so cute!!,

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Farmer Market!

      Today was kind of a bad day for me. I started the day with the pain on my back and neck, which has became a part of my everyday life; the bed was too soft. Yeah, then my mum made me some noodles, which made my day better. But it was hot. SO HOT. Oh my goodness. Grrrrrrr. But at the end of the day, I went to the Farmer Market with my aunt, my niece; Genevieve and my grandmama. Definitely was the high of my day. Here are some pictures :)


Reminds me of summer.


I really like this shot of her!



One of my favorite desert!

Sweet :)

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trip to the Zoo

      I went to the Como Zoo with my cousins and their mum, Auntie Maut. It was very fun but it was also very HOT. Gahhhh, I almost died. We went so early, which means I have to wake up very early, for summer time. We went to see the animals and walked around the park. Here are some pictures that I took :)


I love those beautiful colors!


Sun flowers!


I heard that flamingos are pink because they eat shrimps, just a fun fact :)


Through Tiana's view


Thought this was a cool pic

I LOVE this picture!!


I really wanted to try to touch this snake but he said I couldn't. Bummer.


This is for you mum! I know you like flowers!

Say cheese!
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