Monday, June 20, 2011

Pad Kra Praow

This is Pad Kra Praow which means Fried Basil.

Me and P'Pouy helped eachother make this.

Shumma and Volk helped too.

This soup is to eat with Pad Kra Proaw.

Aww.. So cute..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Seven Walls

This kind of wood is called "7 walls". This wood we put it in hot tea for my dad. Here are some pictures.

You can really count them. There is 7 levels.

Looks so cool but I bet it taste bitter.

My mum will dry this in the sun.

My beautiful mum is so excited about this wood.

My mum said I need to have a picture with it too. HA-HA.


On Friday the kids have to wear their Northern Uniform. Here are some pictures.

I woke them up really early so I think they're very tired.

I told them to do a serious face.

Smile :)

This is our dog. His name is Cookie.

When I told them they can go now, this is their reaction. HAHA.

Kwun Tin Inc.

I haven't seen my friends for 2 years. I really miss them. And on Friday, they all came and surprise my at my house. Here are some pictures.

This is my best friend of all. Her name is Jee.

This is Jan. She is Jee's twin.


We're back together at last.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A day (well, half a day) with Meilanni

I got to spend time with my cousin, Meilanni. It was her first time on the motorcycle (I'm the one driving it, don't worry guys). We went to eat this Thai cold (sort of ice cream) desert, eat noodles and just enjoying the view. Here are some pictures.

Smile :)

I kindda forgot how to order noodles. Good thing May was there and helped us (I knew her since middle school).

This is Meilanni's.

This is mine.

This is called Rwumm mit. Which means combernation.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful day with me, Meilanni.

I am enjoying my time here with my family and friends.

Getting ready for school

I woke up this morning from noises outside my (well, Yoya's) room. I had to wake up at like 5 am because Yoya's school bus comes at 6 am. Then after that fall asleep and another kid woke me up, I think it was Volk. All the kids were running around getting ready. It a funny picture to see. Then I went down and ate with them. I did dinah's hair and I helped them to look neat (like tuck in their shirts and stuff). Here are some pictures from this morning.

I told them to stand in a line according to the hights.

This is Chai, Gift, Shumma, Dinah, George, David and Volk (Yoya went to school already).

I told them to jump.

Looks like they're having so much fun.

They are so funny. HAHA.

I love my family and I am so glad I'm back in Thailand. Thank you everyone for the supports and prayers. I really enjoy my time here and I am looking forward to see what God will do during my time here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thai verion of Taco

The inside is coconut, you guys.

This is what it looks like on the side.

This desert is called "Kanom (means desert) Tung-Tak (Means poor or no money). This desert was for people who didn't have money in the old days because it is really easy to make. When I think more and more about it, it reminded me of hot cakes (or you guys call it pancakes. I think hotcakes sounds way cooler). Now this decert cost 15 bate which is 40 cents, I think.

Only thirty-five cents for a meal?

Only 3 people (and a 4 years old) ate all this.
This is lotus's branch fried with pork, I think.
This is bamboo shoot with mushroom.
This is clear noodles fried.
Some kind of fish hot dish.
This is called son-in-law egg.
This dish is what my dad always do. Aww I miss him.
Smile :)
It taste very good nd cruchy like humm asparagus.
Woo hoo!!
Each of the dish is 35 cents. That's crazy right? But it really does taste good. I told the seller (of the food) that I will post the pictures online. And he said be careful cuz then everybody would want to eat it. HAHA.
I relize that people here are very happy with what they have, well most of them. Like today when we pass the market, a lot of people were smiling. It is just a very good picture to see.
"Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!" 2 Cor 9:15

Monday, June 6, 2011

Kao Soy

I've Been waiting to eat this before I came here.

Add some veggies to it.

It looks so good.

My favorite dish so far.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

God provides

My trip to Thailand was awesome.
I really had fun and learn new things.
I really did learn that God always provides for us.
We just need to trust Him and put our life in His hands.
Wanna hear my story?
So I woke up at 7:40 that June 4th morning.
Josh woke me up and I was really tired cuz last night I slept at 3 in the morning, packing.
I went down stairs and saw a lovely surprise.
It was Alyssa and her most awesome outfit.
She gave me a letter and told me to read it on the plane.
So gave her some noodles.
Then Jen and Josh drove me to the Airport.
They prayed for me before I go.
Jen had tears in her eyes but she said it was because of pregnancy. I thought that was funny.
I walked to gate G4 and waited.
There I met this girl name Bam.
She was an exchange student in North Dakota.
We talked and realize that we're going in the same flight to Japan and Thailand.
So we decided to hung out til it was time.
We ate and learn more about each other.
I even let her borrow my Thai novel to read on the plane.
When I got on the plane, I sat next to the window.
I met this guy who was sat next to me.
His name was You.
He is cool because he wears a pink coat and he is an engineer.
I opened Alyssa's letter and I cried.
She wrote me like 3 page and I really love it.
I can't believe she stayed until 1 am to write this for me and woke up early to come say goodbye at my house.
Thank you Alyssa.
I watched a lot of movies, well, three.
My favorite one is the Tourist.
Then when I got off the plane at Japan, P'Bam was waiting for me
I called her P' because she is 4 months older then me.
Then we met another girl name P'Aom.
She knows P'Bam because they were in the same exchange program.
We brought stuff at the store.
I brought this face massage thing and fat remover (haha).
Then we wated at gate 24.
I learned that P'Aom lives in Chaing Mai (a City that is 3 hours from my house).
We got along really well.
Then on the plane, I sat next to a woman and her husband.
They went on the Cruise in Alaska.
They also had a daughter my age name Dear.
It took us 6 hours to get to Thailand.
I looked out the window (I sat next to the window each flight, how nice).
Thailand looked beautiful.
I touched the window and whispered 'I'm home'.
I went to get my luggages with P'Bam's help.
Then I walked out and saw my aunt, A Tai.
I waved and ran to give her a hug.
Later on I called my mum and told her that I'm home.
Psalm 27:1 "The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear. The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?"
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