About Gemma

     My name is Gemma. I was born to my parents, Thawai and Venekeo on September 5th, 1993. I am the oldest of 9 siblings; Yosiya, Abechai, Shumma, Gift, Dinah, Gorge, David and Volks. 
     At a young age, I moved from Minnesota to Thailand because my parents have a passion to spread the Gospel to those in Thailand. They built a  missionary school, a church and a Christian kindergarten school. I spend most of my life living in Thailand until I moved back to America to finish my High School years on June 1st, 2009. I lived with friends of the family named Jen, Josh and their baby Earnest. 
      I finally understood what God has done in my life on February 7th, 2011. Since that day, I had made a commitment to God that I will surrender my life to Him. The goals in my life is tell people about God through helping my parents build connections with the community.
      I enjoy reading, singing, fashion design, cosmetology and photography. If God is willing, I would want to work with fashion magazine, a wedding planner and have my own studio. I love to be surrounded by my friends and families. They had helped me through hard situation, making sure I make the right choice in life. I feel so blessed that God has put them in my life.
      And last but not least, thank you for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it and cherished every viewer. You have no idea how much it makes me happy to see comments from you guys. ^_^


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