Friday, September 21, 2012

Hello from Thailand (finally)

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       Hey guys! It's been a while! I am now here in Thailand for about a week now and finally got a chance to sit down and tell you guys about the trip here! :)

       So as always, I didn't really start packing til the week of. My oh my. I realized that I have soooooooooo much stuff! My mum had to get an extra luggage. Yeah, it was pretty sad but she said that would be my Graduation present (thanks mum!) We had to wake up (well, I stayed up all night) around 4am. It was kindda difficult. Why? Well, here's the thing. All the time, I always used Delta airline. But this time, we used Korean Airline. For luggage, it has to be 50 pounds and for a carry on, it has to be 26 pounds. For my carry on, it was 38 pounds. Soooooooooo, we had to pay more because of the over weight. It was very frustrating and embarrassing moment because there we are, two Asians, on the floor, stuffing things in other suitcases. But the airport lady came and helped us out. We were so thankful. She was very kind and we ended up talking about Korean Dramas :)
       Okay, so the Korean Airline is the best airline I ever went on. If you ever go to Thailand or those who wish to go to America, go with Korean Airline. Because their hospitality is sooooo good! One thing that I was so impress with is that they have slippers for us. You know when you're in an 18 hour flight and you take off your shoes because your feet are killing you? Yeah, I am so glad for those slippers! And the food was awesome! It was just a wonderful experience. Oh, and the flight attendants spoke Korean to me, which I response with kum-sa-hum-ni-da, which means thank you, because for some reason, my head was thinking of Japanese words instead. Haha! When we landed in Korean, oh my goodness! I was like in a make up heaven! Everywhere is like oohs and ahhs. And there was a royal family coming to greet us too. Just kidding. They were normal people dress in Korean's traditional dress, 'hanbook.' Which was pretty cool and I will post the pictures later :)
       When we got to Thailand, we landed in Chaing Mai, which is like couple hours from where we live. Unfortunately, this small airport closes at midnight. We landed around 10:50pm but my mum told my dad to pick us up at 11:50pm. Yeah. But my dad came right in time. ^_^
        Yeah. The little journey from Minnesota Thailand was both stressful and a fun experience. But I am glad to finally be home. I have no idea I missed Thailand this much. But I also miss America too! Don't worry guys, I'll be back. I promise. :),

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Olive Garden dinner with family!

It started to rain this evening. What should I get.

Wanna share?

Meilanni's signature pose :)

Smile ^_^

My beautiful Auntie

This was my plate. Shrimp!! (I hope there's no scallops because I didn't check but I'm sure there wasn't because I didn't had any allergic reaction).


Meilanni's plate.

My mum's 
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Thank you for everything! I will miss you guys and I promise to take lots of pictures when I go back to Thailand!,

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy 19th Birthday

      Today was a lazy day for me, I would say. It started with a kiss from Ernie, Jen waking me up at 8:30 and Grannie making bacon! It was awesome! I get to hang out and just relax. It's been a tough hard week but I like that I just got to kick back and enjoy Brad Paisley singing in my ears :)
      Then we went to Dun Brothers and I got some green tea Frappe! It was awesome! Then we went to Taxes Road House to celebrate my birthday! I got steak, ribs and shrimp! It was very yummy. And the best part about today? I got to ride on a saddle as people say Yehaaaaaw! Now that's real country right there :)
      I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. I really am gonna miss you. Come read my blog, okay? I'll try to update it as much as I can. I love you guys, so so much. You guys are forever will be my family.,

Monday, September 3, 2012

It's been a while, guys

      Hey guys! I've been busy for the last few weeks but now I am back! Life is good and right now I am starting to pack because I am leaving to Thailand in two weeks!! Oh my goodness! So much going on, right? Haha! A few weeks ago, I got a chance to take Alyssa's cousin's Senior pictures along with his friends! It is so much fun! At first, I had no idea they would be all guys, so I only research a little about guy's Senior pictures. And then the day came and three guys came out of the car. I was like, oh oh. But it turned out great! They were so nice and made the photo shoot fun! Here are some pictures!

This is Andrew, Alex and Adam. Yep, all their names started with A!

I like this one :)

This one is awesome! We were there from 4 to 7 nut I was glad I got some nice sun flare shot. Yay!

This one is one of my favorite too.

When I told him to do this pose, he was like okay then went ahead and smile :)

I was so scared to make it black and white but it turned out great!

One of my favorites too!

1..2..3.. Jump!

I hope you guys like them! Let me know what you guys think and please comment below :), 
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