Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In the year of our Lord, 2011

   This year passed so fast but at the same time, it seemed so long. Maybe because I'm 18 this year. Or maybe because I'm growing up; looking at things through another point of view. This year has been a very blessed year. I felt like like I grew a lot, at lease physically (a few people joked that I'm going to get wrinkles around my eyes - which I am terrified of that soon-to-come-day) but seriously, I'm growing lots and lots in many different areas.

-Spiritual life- 
   I recently accepted Christ and realized the truth that He died for my sins on Febuary 7th, 2011. After that God had been working through my life; I had one of the hardest time during the summer yet God was there for me and let me know through others that all is in His hands. At times I feel like I'm alone and felt homesick, yet God was, no, is there for me - always. 

    The Seniors class has been very hard; we had more work then we ever had, activities to do and just more responsibilities in general. There is so many times during the day that I wanted to cry out "Why?! Why do we have to do this awful long page homework?" or "why do we have to take that class?", not realizing that there are millions of kids out there would doesn't attend schools and would miss a meal just to be learn something. I just pray for next year that I will will have that in mind; to not take the opportunities I have for granted. 

    I am so happy for my families, both here and in Thailand. This summer, I got to go back to Thailand for a visit; it was awesome! The kids grew up so much. Yoya, my younger sister is now taller then me. And everybody is just same as always. I got to talk to my mum and listen to her experience during her teen years; she had a brave heart. And my families here are great too! My grandma is doing well, she teach me how to cook and be a proper lady; siting with my legs close and walk quietly. Another exciting part is that after I came back from Thailand, Jen and Josh came and picked me up at the airport. But this time, Ernie or Ernest Joshua Jacobs (sounds cool, huh) came too! He was only a few weeks then but now, being 4 months old something, he is 18 pounds! I am so happy that I got a lil bro here too; I see him every morning before I go to school. Thank you Jen and Josh for everything!

    Our class used to be smaller but this year, the school put the juniors and seniors together. I really didn't like it at first but now, its kind of nice; it makes me feel like we're in a part of a big family. I got to know more about the senior girls and spend time with them at sleepovers. Every girl in our senior class slept at my house except Kelly. So Kelly, better make yourself free cuz you're coming to my house next year and we can make some cookies, k?

And last, I jut want to thank you to everybody that walked into my life: my mum, my dad, Yosiya Chai, Shumma, Gift, Dinah, Gorge, David, Ford (this is all my family memebers in Thailand); Jen, Josh, Ernie (he is soooo cute!), Grannie and grandpa Jacobs, Uncle Jorden, Beth and Jared, Britta and Ben, Justine and Zach (they're getting married on the 6th this month and I just got the dress I'm wearing for the wedding today!), great grand parents, winne (the dog), Chaz (the dog) and all the other families that I haven't mention; Gio (my best boy-friend), Christi (My best girl-friend), Alyssa (the one who I can tell things to and ), Leah (my best shopping partner that I love very much), Caleb (the guy who brings laughter into the room), Merhawi (Who told me to be positive), Ashley (the girl who I got to know a little better and found out she was a very nice girl), Alex (the guy who all the girls like to pick on), Freddie (the guy who always hum and make awesome music sounds)and Kelly (the girl with beautiful golden hair like Rapunzel)... And other people who I haven't mention. Yes, The juniors, I love you too. 

Good night everybody!

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