Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Winner Announcement of April 2012

Thank you for all who entered the contest! So I choose the winners randomly by picking the numbers from 1 to 31 (using Here is our result...

#3 Carissa - Bright green; with a dark silvery blue in the background.
#8 Kaylea - Bright yellow. It reminds me of the beautiful yellow flowers that begin to bloom and the bright sun that comes out almost everyday :)
#26 Jackie Kay - Bright "Spring green", the color of the tree buds!
#1 Alyssa - Green. Not dark greem - more like bright pastel green It makes me think of rain and sunny days that are still a tad bit cold. Also, Easter is just around the corner, and pastels always remind me of Easter ;)

Congratulation to all the winners!!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Written by: Jemimah Chaisuk
Edited by: Alyssa Zink

When our first parents took the forbidden fruit,
Satan smirked with his devilish grin.
Then death did enter the world
when Adam and Eve sin.

Then Jesus came to Earth and died upon the cross,
to give the world a second chance.
And it is our choice whether or not
 to join this one last dance.

Jesus words have power.
If He wants the world to end:
all He has to do is say the word,
and let the world slip away, shattered, by His hands.

These last day will be worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.
We have a change to change ourselves
it's not to late...
in this era.

I challenge you - look deeper
at what lies below the surface.
Please repent for your sins
and in Jesus find you purpose.

God is faithful and just.
His love never fails, never rust.
But His judgement is nearing fast
Then what's left of the world will be nothing, not even the past.

Jesus came to save but His people shun,
all we ever do is run run run.
He is stronger than Satan and He will cast Him out,
but we sinners keep on sprout sprout sprout.

When I'm angry with my siblings at times,
but being mad at them is like a crime.
God forgave my sins so how can I not forgive you?
Read those words again - you'll know it's true.

God says not to judge others;
hair, style, personality or even skin color.
Basically, be honest with everyone - do not lie.
You can't keep secrets from God; He's too wise.

When the hour of His judgement come...
the world will be silent - not even a hum.
It's all up to God, He won't delay,
"Vengeance is mine, I will repay."

Will you be there among the crowd?
Will you have been cleansed from the darkness shroud?
I pray I see you among those faces,
that you will have finally learned what grace is.

Source: Matthew 5:22; Matthew 7:1; Matthew 10:15; Matthew 12:36; Luke 6:37; John 3:19; John 5:24; John 5:27; John 7:24; John 8:5; John 12:31; Acts 17:31; Romans 12:3; 1 Corinthians 11:31; 1 Timothy 1:2; 1 Timothy 5:24; Hebrews 9:27; Hebrews 10:30; Revelation 14:7 and Revelation 16:7.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A note to myself

Could you really love someone at the point where you would let them survive even though you have to die? It might be just because of the hunger games but for some reason, that question has been on my mind. Could that kind of love exist? And then I found the answer.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believers in him should not perish but have eternal life." -John 3:16 (ESV)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Hunger Games

      The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins has been talked about for the last few weeks! I went to see it in the theatre with Jen, Josh, Grannie, Justin (Jen's sister) and Zach (Justine's husband). We really wanted to see the movie since the day it came out but was too busy. But yes, it's about time we see this movie.
      Overall, I would say the movie was very good. It got me sitting at the edge of the seat! It feel so real and made me have a sick-feeling in my stomach from not knowing what to expect (even though I have read the book before). One thing that is (what I think) bad about the movie is that the movie was a bit shaky. I don't know if it was suppose to be like that but it gave me headache - maybe that is where the sick-feeling came from. 
      For those who haven't read it yet, the movie is about the North America divided into 13 districts by the Capital. Every year, there is this thing called reaping, which is choosing one boy and one girl from each districts aged 12-18 years old to go to this thing called Hunger games. The Hunger Games is where all the kids who were chosen from the districts fights to death and ends with one winner.
      Don't worry, I'm not going to spoil anything. But like I said, it's a very good movie and I would recommend it to anyone (who's over the age of 13, of course).
      Anyways, the movie has some interesting fashion by Judianna Makovsky. She is also the costume designer for the Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone movie too. Throughout the movie, the fashion range from a simple vintage style to hello Lady Gaga. 

      On the reaping day, Katniss wear this blue dress. This dress was made out of a vintage clothing and it fit very well for Katniss, because the dress was suppose to be a hand-me-down from her mother. 
      The girl on fire, this should be the dress that was the most beautiful dress out of the whole movie. In the book, she was dazzling and everyone cheered. Yet, in the movie, the dress was simple and does not stand out that much, except the fact the it goes into flame. I must say, I am very disappointed.
      The combat boots, the tight fiting grayish-green pants and black shirt paired with a black Jacket is what defines Katniss in the Arena. This outfit is based out of a military theme, I would say and everyone is trying on this style! Her here is dutch braided side ways, in a simple fashion yet, if you typed in on YouTube, there would be more than 10 videos on this particular hair style from her. I like this very much. 

      Ah, the Capitol people. In the books, they were suppose to be colorful and very "Gaga" like. This is what I had in my mind of the Capitol people- green hairs, blue lips, orange eyes hadows.
      China Glaze created this nail polish with the hunger games theme: colours from the capitol. Which do you like?

      Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) would be the Fashion Star of this show. She made a statement with her clothes and makeup that pink makes you feel good!

      Here is a closer look to here makeup. I believe this is from the interview (in the movie) before Katniss goes to the hunger games. Those lashes are very fancy and I love that lipstick color!!
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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 | Paris Fashion Week

      The Vuitton collection, defining the Louis Vuitton lady for a spring-feel 6o's style. The style includes pastel hues, peekaboo cutouts, ostrich feathers and tweeds. The makeup trend is natural pink lips, brownish-purple smoky eyes topped with slightly cat-wings (on the eyes) and white headbands.

Here's are some pics from the catwalk! 

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Top 10 Makeup products of Spring 2012

      According to Scawaii magazine, this is the top 10 makeup products of the Spring this year. Well, what are you waiting for? Let's see the list!

1. Maybelline - Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara

      Mascara is always been a girl's best friend, well, besides diamonds :). For those who think Estee Lauder or Lancome is too expensive then this is the good choice for you! The brush vibrates 7,000 vibrations per mintues! Which means it will provides clump free definition that built lengths and add curl. You can find it at target at the price of $15.
      Maybelline, I believe, makes the best mascara. T.L. Williams invented Maybelline in 1915 after hearing his sister, Maybel, complained about her thin lashes. What a smart and caring brother!

2. MAC: Spring Color Forecasts Collection

      Each of the four MAC Spring Color Forecasts highlights one of the four colors - pink, coral, plum and amber. This should be fun!

3. Shiseido Maquillage - Glossy Perfect Rouge

      They are a little pricey at $49 but this company is well-known for lipsticks that glides on with a smooth texture, almost feather-like feel!

4. Dolly Wink Fake Eyelashes

       Tsubasa Masuwaka, the model in the pictures, is Japan's gyaru icon. Gyaru is a style that is sweet with flawless skin, big eyes and doll-like complexion. I really like her style :)
   5/ RMK - Gel Emulsion Compact

      The RMK Gel Emulsion Compact is made with a new emulsion formula which provides the extraordinary difference on the fit-glide and finish to your skin. It's come in 7 shades that creates a fresh translucent, moisturizing your skin with ingredients such as sugar beet, leaving your skin with natural dewy finish. 
6. Candy Doll - Lip Concealer

      If you love wearing nude lip-gloss/lipstick then this product is for you! You can get it at I would suggest blotting your lips after or apply gloss over because on its own, it tends to slip and slide. But over all, it is moisturizing and the color looks great!
7. Visee - Glam Nude Eyes

      Brown makeup is always classic and you can wear it for any occasions! This Visee nude eyes makeup has been in lots of magazine with 5 shades. It can be found at Visee is one of many brands that offer an inexpensive price tag with a brilliant quality makeup. It is soft, cream-like powder texture! 
8. K-Palette - Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WP Micro

      Another nickname for this product is 1 day tattoo. The micro stands for the small brush head which is 0.05 mm! It was also mention in Bubzbeauty's YouTube video. She is one of the beauty guru that inspired me about fashion and makeup :)

9. KATE - Gradical Eyes

      Another eye shadow! Kate Gradical Eyes comes in 8 different shades, each has 5 different color. It contains a base shade of shadow, a contrasting shade and a lid shade - all in powder formulas with 2 cream formulas.  
10. Estenad Sonic

      This massages your face. It comes with White Sonic Gel which has micro hyaluronic acid, micro collagen that helps with skin problems such as wrinkles and dull-looking skin. It helps life up your skin, making it feel tight and smooth. It has also been rumored that is is the best beauty tools set ranking 1st in Japan!
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      That is all for now. Thank you for stopping by!,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring nails

      This week is my Spring Break, a lot of you guys might know. It is so relaxing; no homework, no sitting for 8 hours and no school lunch! Haha!  
      I think when the weather starts getting warmer, that's when we girls paint our nails. Ah, refreshing. All those winter, I've been keeping my feet warm in my boots. Now I can wear high heels and flip flop! Yay!
      Here are some ideas for nail designs!

You gotta be very artistic to try this one. Wow, that is unbelievable. 

This one is less more complex. I really like the rose one.

This is also cute for a night out with your friends or any of your significant other <3


More bows!

This is a picture of my nails. I tried it and it took me half an hour to finish one hand.

This is a chic rock looking which is cute. I would wear this with some cool converse and some skinny jeans!

This style again! I love it!
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I just think Spring should be the time where you wear lots of colors! Bright and fresh! 
Now, I will go eat some brownies! Bye~,

Ps. Did you guys notice that I changed the background of this blog? Comment if you like it :)
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