Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Life Updates

I seem to start a lot of post with "it's been a long time since I post on here...", and this one is one of them. It's been a few weeks since the semester ended and I've been staying at home, enjoying the summer.

Being in a small town, everything seems to lessen, in many ways, such as food is a lot cheaper, the days seems to be less stressed (minus the sound of my siblings scream around the house), and everything seems to go back to simpleness.

An example that I could think of right now is seeing friends. Back in the city when you want to meet your friends back, you actually have to arrange the schedule and make sure they are free. Well, things are more simple in my small town: when you want to see your friends, you simply just go to their house and wait out. Like, I would actually yell my friend's name in front of her house to get her to come out and that is normal here in Thoen. In the same way, she would just knock the window of my room or just open the door to come inside. There's no need for politeness or anything. To other people who don't understand this Thai simpleness, it would be quiet rude to say the least. Barging  into someone else's house sounds a bit much, but when it is your friend's house, it is okay here.

Another example is when I went on a ride around town with my dad; my uncle was sick and my dad wanted to visit him. Along the way, people would yell across the street, asking my dad how he's been and what he is up to.

Here's the thing: in Thailand, there are many ways you could say hello or asking them how they are doing. Saying things such as "where you're going" implies that you are noticing them and you wanted to say hello. Saying things such as "did you eat yet" is the same thing as how are you. If they answered, "yes" or "will be eating soon" means they are doing well. If they answered "no, I haven't eat" means that they are busy. However, if they replied with, "I'm not hungry", that means something is wrong and they might be upset about something. Typically, I would go with the "will be eating soon" to let them have a peace of mind that I am happy and well-fed.

In addition, Thai people (especially those in my small town) would know how you are feeling based on your weight. That's right. In America or other places, saying that someone is fat is considered very rude whereas in Thailand. saying someone is fat means you noticed that they look healthy and they might even crack a joke by saying, "you need to loose some weight". However, if you loose some weight, they might ask if something is wrong since food is very important amongst the Thais: if you eat, that means you are healthy. If you don't, that means you are sad.

I had many people said to me, "you got a lot fatter" when I first came back from America and that really bothered me at first since I had this mindset that everyone's bodies are their own business and saying someone is fat is rude. But then I came to understand about Thai's culture more. It's not rude. It's just a way that people show you that they care.

Last thing I want to say about why I love this small town is the peacefulness. I know, it's hard to imagine when you're living with 8 siblings who are going into their teenage years and likes to blast music. But it is very peacefully here.

In the morning, when I wake up early, I could smell the fresh air as well as feeling the cool breeze flowing along my skin. The sound of bird chirping happily as they hop from trees to trees. Or the way the rain drips from the window to the dirt floor, creating this earthy aroma mixed in with the smell of wild roses that my brain would always register as the smell of home.

I don't know, college is starting in a few weeks and I'm gonna miss this. I have a semester left and the next one after that is internship. I feel like I've came a long way since the time that I started to write in this blog.

Anyways, stay inspired!!,

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