Monday, July 29, 2013

July just flew by

      Oh hey everyone! It's been soooooo long! I swear I could add more Os if I could. Haha! Life has been a bit difficult but at the same time relaxing? I planned to go to collage this fall but that didn't worked out since I would be attending second semester. So I'm waiting to apply again this November. It's a Christian collage so I'm really happy! Can't wait to go there since it's sort of an international collage; there's Koreans, Japaneses, Americans and more ^_^

As you all might know already if you follow me on instagram or if you have not my username is Khungemma :) So yeah, I just got another puppy. It's a he and his name is Macaroon. I know, Asian people always have weird names for dogs right? Hehe! This is him. He LOVES food! And oh my gosh, he gave a very cute howl when he wants attention. Tuxedo and him gets along pretty well but you know, sometimes they can be a little boyish, aka. biting and wrestling. But all is good.  


He is cute when he's sleepy. See?


My mum recently fell in the bathroom. I guess my brothers were cleaning the floor with the wrong solution and so as my mum was scrubbing, she fell hard on the bathroom floor nearly broke her back. She's not doing so good right now but at lease she could still walk (for like 2 seconds) and she doesn't have concussions. Please pray that she will get well soon!


Oh, dog's first hair cut. Tuxedo does not look like this now. I told the hair dresser (for dogs) to trim a little and well, there were cut marks and the hair was very short like, he is too young for that. Sad. But I am giving him a little bit of coconut oil with his water to help the hair grow back and be healthy (according to the doctor) so yeah, it's gonna be better for this poor guy.


Spaghetti in Thailand is expensive, at lease compare to the US. The ingredients are also harder to find but good thing Mama Bear brought some Italian seasoning from America!


You want a treat huh? He always give me those puppy dogs eyes when he want something.


A Thai dish Mama Bear made, its like pad thai only the noodles are more... fat.
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Yep, that's my life right now. Talk to you guys later! 

Much..much.. love,

Ps. I'm having an exciting project coming up so stay tune!
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