Friday, March 11, 2011

10 facts about myself

1. When people say I have black hair, that upsets me because I have dark brown hair.

2. I was born at 5:55 pm on September 5th.

3. I really like sweet and it's odd that I like spicy too.

4. People think my favorite color is pink but actually it is light gray.

5. I hate the feeling when we ran out of stuff so I always make sure I have extra.

6. After I clean my room, I always say to myself that I won't make it messy again. But that never work.

7. When I'm in my bed, I like to cover my feet because I always think that something will pull me under my bed if I don't cover it.

8. I freak out when I see a shadow moving quickly.

9. I don't like to be tickled. Not that I'm ticklish but it gets me mad.

10. My full name is Jemimah Sakhounna Dove. Jemimah (in Hebrew) and Sakhounna (in Thai) all means Dove (which is also part of my full name). So basically my names means dove.

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