Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting ready for school

I woke up this morning from noises outside my (well, Yoya's) room. I had to wake up at like 5 am because Yoya's school bus comes at 6 am. Then after that fall asleep and another kid woke me up, I think it was Volk. All the kids were running around getting ready. It a funny picture to see. Then I went down and ate with them. I did dinah's hair and I helped them to look neat (like tuck in their shirts and stuff). Here are some pictures from this morning.

I told them to stand in a line according to the hights.

This is Chai, Gift, Shumma, Dinah, George, David and Volk (Yoya went to school already).

I told them to jump.

Looks like they're having so much fun.

They are so funny. HAHA.

I love my family and I am so glad I'm back in Thailand. Thank you everyone for the supports and prayers. I really enjoy my time here and I am looking forward to see what God will do during my time here.


  1. Wow! That looks like way too much fun in the morning. I am sure they enjoy having you there to help them and entertain them also. They were very cooperative for early morning pictures. All looks so cute. What are they holding? Flowers? Thanks for sharing the pictures, they are great. I hope to meet these kids someday!

  2. Cute! Love these photos! Thanks for sharing Gemma!


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