Monday, November 28, 2011

Peel Mask Pack

I found this mask pack in the drawer; it's suppose to make your skin smoother.  
So I decided that it is time to do some beauty stuff.
I put the mask on my face. It feels like there is mud on my face and it also dries pretty fast. 
Yeah. Okay, I'll tell you about my day as I'm waiting for this mask to dry, which will take 15-20 mins.

My day went on kinda emotional. I cried for no reason. I think I just missed home. But at lease I got over it.

This morning felt so fresh, the beginning of Autumn.
Alyssa gave me a shirt as I walked up to my locker. Thank you!
Then class starts. And it was normal, or at lease, I felt normal.
Lunch was Chinese food. It was so fake. Yet I had to eat it. The rice was mostly uncooked, I would say. And the egg roll just looked like it's been stuffed with - I don't want to say it.
Yeah, So that's pretty much my day.

Okay, I think the mask is dry now. Okay,  this hurt so much. I feel like my skin is going to fall off.

I have this on my video cam but it's 20 mins, so I'll put it on facebook sometime.

My skin actually feels smooth. Wow. It feels like Ernie's arm. For those who don't know who Ernie is, he is Jen's son. He is a baby; a very VERY cute baby. 

Okay, I don't know what else to write about. So bye for now.

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