Saturday, March 17, 2012

Early Spring fashion 2012

      Ah, finally. Can you feel that 80 degrees weather outside? Isn't that awesome? I cannot wait for Spring to start. Yes! No more winter coat (well, at lease for a couple days, but thats good enough, right?).

     Here are some pictures from the websites of the fashion this Spring. ^_^

Cute hair style for hot days. So chic! I used to hate putting my hair up but now I like it. It is fun to dress up your hair and try different hair styles.

Wearing lace gives that extra touch of feminine. It is so cute and when I wear it, I feel happy. Also, the collar she is wearing on her neck acts as a necklace. It is made out of a shirt with collar, so you cut it and put some pearls on it (or buttons, shinny stuff - anything!) and viola! Your one of a kind necklace!  

I LOVE this girl's dress! It has a hint of fairy tale, like a doll. Also the season's style this year is mint green. It has become one of my favorite colors. I wear a mint green nail polish on my toes and every time I look at them I can't help but think "only few more weeks and Spring will come."

Not only bright neon colors are in style right now, but also neutral such as tan are in style too. Of course, I'm sure neon colors would be fun too like bright pink or orange!

The hair piece has become very popular. There's many YouTube video on how to make them by yourself. It is easy and you can even wear it to school or work! 

That fish braid is awesome and I love her makeup. This Spring makeup colors is pink and purple, which is very cute. Try wearing it one tone (only one color), so it won't be as messy and match it with rosy cheeks and nude lip-gloss (either nude or go bright colors such as red and orange).

Sometimes simple is just right. Fashion can be fun to try but don't let that stopping you from wearing what you like! 
As I have said, neon and bright colors is awesome. I really like this dress shirt. She wore neutral and black but add a pop of color with pink! Very cute!

I cannot wait to wear my spring clothes! I have my room all clean now so it would be easier to do makeup and dress up. I will start doing more blogging soon.

Much much love,

Ps. What reminds you of Spring? Leave a comment below and subscribe to this blog. I cannot wait to see your answers!

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