Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring nails

      This week is my Spring Break, a lot of you guys might know. It is so relaxing; no homework, no sitting for 8 hours and no school lunch! Haha!  
      I think when the weather starts getting warmer, that's when we girls paint our nails. Ah, refreshing. All those winter, I've been keeping my feet warm in my boots. Now I can wear high heels and flip flop! Yay!
      Here are some ideas for nail designs!

You gotta be very artistic to try this one. Wow, that is unbelievable. 

This one is less more complex. I really like the rose one.

This is also cute for a night out with your friends or any of your significant other <3


More bows!

This is a picture of my nails. I tried it and it took me half an hour to finish one hand.

This is a chic rock looking which is cute. I would wear this with some cool converse and some skinny jeans!

This style again! I love it!
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I just think Spring should be the time where you wear lots of colors! Bright and fresh! 
Now, I will go eat some brownies! Bye~


Ps. Did you guys notice that I changed the background of this blog? Comment if you like it :)

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