Monday, June 25, 2012

A fun day with Leah

      Jen woke me up at 9 am this morning. Gah, I've been waking up early lately, which was fine. Because when the door just open by itself (Jen of course was the one pushing it, shhh. Don't tell!) and there came Ernie. Ah, what a beautiful day!! One of my best friend, Leah, is coming over to spend time with me before I move to my Aunt (my mummy lives with her right now). We made some padthai and ate in the neighbor's lawn. Ha-ha. It was very exciting. I kept looking at the back of my shoulders to see if the neighbors are poking their heads out and yell at us. But thankfully, it was very nice and relaxing. Leah got some suntanning while I finish the rest of the meal - I eat slow! Then we watched a little bit of of Downton's Abbie. I guess it's a great show but I'm just at the boring part. About 20 minutes into the show, Jen asked if we wanna go to the Home Depot. I brought my camera along. So here's some pics.  



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