Monday, June 11, 2012

What summer is like for me so far

      I've been REALLY relaxing. I don't remember myself ever being this relax, probably when I was five. Ha-ha, I officially a graduate like last week ago. So no more homework, essays, projects - well, at lease for now. 
      My days looks like this; wake up at 9-10 am (though I am trying to train myself to wake up at 7am [which is the time my alarm clock rang this morning but I snoozed it until like 10am XD]), have a lazy brunch/lunch, play bakery story, eat some more, watch something on Netflix, have an afternoon nap, then pre-dinner, then read a little bit and then watch Netflix til bed time which is around 11am. Haha, I do miss school though. Maybe I might stop by the school just to say hi to people :)
     Guess what!! I just ordered my camera; Canon Rebel xs with the Canon 50mm lens! I am so excited!! I cannot wait to take pictures and write more blogs this summer! Last week, I got a chance to try Megen's camera (Jen's friend) which she has the same ones that I'm getting. So here are some pictures that I took.

Ernie is so cute in this one. He is on a swing.

That's Ernie and Megen's kid, Cole.

Something new to him, playing with water at the backyard.


So cute!!

Megan and her son Cole.

Aww, Buddy. I'm gonna miss you.

Love his little feet!!

This picture makes me happy.

That's what I call 'Ernie's face'.,


  1. Great pictures, Gemma! :0)

  2. Love the photos!!! I am excited for you to get your new camera!

  3. Cute pictures! I would be happy to wake you up at 7am, if you like. I'm sure Ernie would love it too!! :)


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