Friday, August 10, 2012

Girl's sleepover!

I got my camera in the morning at like 7:40. So excited!

Talked to Jen and Ernie! He gave me lots of kisses.

Alyssa and her new hair cut.

Abby, she's Christi's sister.


Christi, you guys might have met her already. She's my best friend :)


She was trying to be cute, which she is...always.



We sat around the camp fire and talked. So chilled and relax. I felt like a grown-up.

Finished with a pic of me. Say cheese!

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Thank you so much for being such a great friends, you guys (yes, even you two, Kelly and Ashley). I had such a lovely time talking and listening to Country music with your guys. I am so blessed to have such an amazing friends. We'll see each other again!,

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  1. Those are definitely great friends. Which is why I take their threats seriously. :)


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