Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Hole Day

So the reason I called it black 'hole' day is because, oh my goodness, the first time I went black Friday shopping; there were people, in a line, running to get to the store. It's like the store was a hole and it suck people in and its just crowed. BUT, I'm not complaining though - black hole day got good deals :)

We (Grannie [Jen's mum], Jen, Justine and myself) woke up at 2:45AM and on the rode at 3:17AM. AM!!

First we went to target and I got a curling iron and a movie; the time's traveler's wife. The most shocking thing (well, shocking in my 2 years of black Friday shopping) is there was hardly people. Like it was very quiet and there's no more running people. I guess it's because most prefer midnight shopping. Ah, I missed it.  

Next it was Albert's ville; there's small stores next to each other in a long line. We stopped at bath&body works. It was awesome. I love this store. Whenever I walk in there: it's full of perfume smells, soap smells, just amazing. I got 3 face scrubs and peel mask. It was also a very good deal. For one, it's $6 but for 3, its $10. Pretty nice huh?

The last place I went was Claire's. There's this sale; 10 items for $10. It's awesome but I had so little time. But I think I did good :) 

All this took me 3 hours. Yep. I didn't time would pass so fast. I think one of female's best friends is shopping. Agree, girls?

We went home after that to take a break, I stayed while others went shopping. They came back at 12:53pm. WOW.

This is what I got today.  

All this, I paid $34. I'm so proud.

These are the peel mask and face scrub I was talking about.

A phone charm. So cute. 

Best part of this shopping. The earrings are so cute. The girl who was cashier said "man, I can't even wear all of this." I just smiled. :)

This ring has a mirror of it and I can also put a picture in it too. I like it because it looks antique.

See Taylor Swift's hair? Yeah, with this baby, I could have that on my hair. I really like her hair so this is very nice.

I saw an episode on Disney channel; Selena was wearing hoop earrings and it looks very cute. I found these for $1 so I would give it a try. This actually a very nice to a girl should have - its fun, classic and give you a causal look.

This I (Well, Jen brought it) got it from Bath&Body works; this is my 3rd bottle. I get this every year at black hole day. I love this smell. It's a mixture of sweet and candies. I just like to spray it in my room and on my bed so the smell would stick to me automatically.  

An elegant earrings that would be very cute for parties and other outings. 

Last is a necklace that looks antique and it's very cute. It has a super mini mirror on it.

I forgot to put the movie in. When this movie was in the theatre, I wanted to watch this but I couldn't. But now I have it so its good. 

Black hold day shopping is fun. Too bad that I might not be here next year; I might go back to Thailand. So black hole day, I'm going to miss you.


  1. Wow Jemimah you did good shopping! I love that you call it "Black Hole" shopping day. Beth & I were out with the midnight crowd! Grandpa & I went out for a bit this afternoon also...whew, I need a nap!
    So have you tried your B& B face masks yet? I am wondering how that new curling iron works also :) Hope you and the ladies are all rested up.

  2. Sounds like you ladies had a fun day, and scored some very good deals today :-) I wasn't as brave to venture out early, but I did go with my mom to Target at 6am because I was up anyways from Nora ;) Hope you're enjoying all your new goodies too!!

  3. That is a lot of will be able to wear a new pair every day until Christmas :)

    I'm glad that this year's shopping was less traumatic for you! ;)

  4. Love those sea-themed earings!! :)


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