Thursday, November 24, 2011

A relaxing weekend

At six o’clock last weekend, I woke up finding myself wrapped tight around my blanket. The weather was a little chilly because I had my windows nearly shut at night. I touched my toes; they appear to be cold so I wiggled my toes to let blood flow to them.
It was hard to get out of the bed – it is weekend, for crying out loud. But I can’t go to sleep again once I woken up. So I dragged my feet to the kitchen; that’ where most of my siblings hang out if they wake up at this hour. Surly enough, I see Poey, our nanny/cousin. She’s been with us for half a year now. She helped my mom with work around the house and not to mention, trying to cook for the kids. I said hi to her and asked her what’s for breakfast. She said she would make soup. Well, that cheered me up a bit; I LOVE soup. Then I went to take a shower and brushed my teeth. Slowly, as I tried to take my time, I walked up to my room to make my bed: it’s what I like to do, keeping my room nice and tidy. I got a book from the shelf to catch up with my reading. I tried to read it but didn’t succeed; my mind was somewhere else.
This book belongs to my sister’s whose in America. Her name is Jemimah. She is four years older than me. Though the years apart, we were close in a weird way. By weird, I’m mean weird. We always fight but somehow it was all an act, or so it seem. Deep down inside, I know that she loves me as much as I love her. Anyways, back to the weekend story. I daze some more, thinking about things while the book was in my hand. Around 7:30, there come the invaders of peace – my siblings. Have I told you that I’m the second child in the house? Yeah, now I have, what, 7 kids to take care. Their names are Chai, Shumma, Gift, Dinah, George, David and Ford. Oh my goodness, they are so LOUD in the morning. That is when I realize that those precious, sweet, hour (and a half) of peace has ended.
One of them knocked on the door, being silly, and when I went to see who it was: they vanished. Ugh, as much as I love them, they are sooo annoying.  I just want to tackle them and hit their little heads with the book in my hand. They were singing and playing games outside of my room. Apparently, the living room was just outside my bed room so that really suck. I hummed to myself, thinking of rainbows and sunshine as I tried to ignore the shouting and singing outside.
At breakfast time, 9 o’clock for weekends, we ate as a family. I looked around, feeling thankful. We have a very big family with 8 kids (one is in America as I have said) and 4 adults (my parents, our nanny and my dad’s younger brother who remain a bachelor). It was so amazing how God would give us so many blessings. From the moment I woke up, he gave me the warm blanket to wrap myself in. He also gave me a house to live in and a family whom I love with all my heart. God is so faithful and loving. He died for our sins and gave those who believe in Him a new life. We are nothing without Him. But through Him, we are whole.
                The rest of my weekend went by fast. I mostly spend my time on the internet; talking to friends, playing games and looking up pictures of Justine Bieber. As the day went by, I played with my pet, went to the market with my mom, cooked dinner and do my homework. Despite my sibling’s cheerful loudness, it was the same typical weekend, a relaxing no school days.
Written by Yosiya Chaisuk
edited by Jemimah Chaisuk

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