Sunday, March 25, 2012

A weekend with Christi

      Hey sweet cakes? How are you doing? Haven't updated my blog in like a week? Wasn't the weather awesome? Ah, the sunshine and the fresh smell of Spring! 
      This weekend Christi came over for a sleepover, which we haven't for a long time. It was great! We stayed up late and watch some movies; discussing Bella's wedding dress (Twilight saga) and having fun making some green monster (some fruit blended up with spinach, but you can't taste it though). It was fun and we had a good time cooking and catching up :)
      Thank you God for putting Christi into my life, she is a blessing to me.

 This is the dinner we made together :)
 Christi made some tariyaki chicken. It was pretty good!
 Since Christi made the chicken, I decided to make some eggs. It goes well together. Get it? Eggs and chicken? Yes, I know you don't get it, I'm just being Asian :)
 The TV was kindda far away so we moved the sofa and watch some movies. It felt like we're in a mini theater. We watch Breaking Dawn (Twilight, Bella, Edward, Jacobs - you know?) and this one movie called dream house. It was fun and we kept eating and talking during the movie. HAHA.
 I made some fried rice with things I found in the kitchen. So there's hot-dogs, eggs, spinach, lemon grass and some soy sause.  
 Christi likes peppers on her food. One new thing I learn from her.
 Ernie decided to join up for breakfast with this "I melt hearts" shirt.
 We went on a walk together.
 Took some pictures.
 More pictures.
 There was a clothing store around so we checked it out. 
we had some caramel mocha flappa? I don't know what it's called. It tasted like ice cream. Yum!
 Found some more stores.
 Haha, there was an Asian market close by. So I got some duck noodles.

Thank you Christi for coming over! I'm so glad to have you as my best friend! I love you so much! XOXO!

Much  much love,

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  1. I LOVE you much jemimah! had an amazing time catching up! even though we see each other everyday <3


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