Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring cleaning

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      Yeah, when the weather start getting warmer and when you put away all the winter jacket, that can only mean one thing - spring is here! 
       I love it! The blue sky, warm rays of sunshine, the grass, fresh air and the new look of your wardrobe! We take long walks on the sidewalk and enjoy a cup of cold drinks. I am so happy. ^_^
       But, when Spring time's here, there's one thing that attached to it to - say hi to Spring cleaning... boohoo.
When I was in Thailand, we never have those types of cleaning before. We always clean every weekend and so on. But here, there's snow and all those nasty marks from winter piled up, ready for us to get to work. Our Spring cleaning at the Jacobs house has been delayed, we were busy with things and just do little by little. This week, my room needs to be clean and all things packed up. It took me more than 10 hours to pack up things, that 100% need for the next 2 months. Well, being a girl, there's always accessory, makeup, hair pieces and extra clothes. Especially with "proms", formals and graduation coming up, there's always the need of choosing the dress to wear. So my cleaning was more difficult than usual. 
       Later on today (or tomorrow), I will be posting a giveaway post. Be ready!,

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  1. Good job Jemimah! I need to do my spring cleaning also! Hey, you are coming to visit right? You can be my helper...just kidding. We will relax since it is your spring break :)


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