Saturday, June 2, 2012

Highs and lows from High School

      Sure High School sucks, but there's also lots of fun in it too! Let me tell you about my memories...

      My Freshman year, I was in Thailand. And in Thailand, it was the highest out of the lowest year in High School (Thailand's High School year is from 7th grade to 12th grade, the lower High School Year is 7th-9th). I remember that I really want to go to America. And that was one of the best choice I ever made :)

      One of my best memory of Sophomore year is the mission trip to Mexico. Oh my goodness, that is how our class bonded! We had so much fun together, even that "boring" 19 hours (or more) ride. We played Uno at night and other cards game. People were trying to sleep but we stayed up and goof off. Then when we finally got to Mexico, it was amazing to see my fellow classmates serve God through their talents. We also played football in the dark with the glowing thingies. Ahahaha.

      My Junior year pass so fast, I barely remember things. All I remember is that it was the best year that we had.  We were in this play together; I was Forsan. Humm, what else. Oh, and the formal was very fun. We ate and also did a little dancing too.

      My Senior Year, this year, was a very hard year for me. I came back from my summer and face this big BIG pail of homework. Sometimes, I do them. Most of the time, I don't. And then I have to do this thing where I have to get signature from all the teachers to make sure I do all my homework. Yes, at first, it sucks and it was embarrassing to walk up to the teachers everyday. But it did help me though. I got my homework done, thanks to Jen and Josh. Okay, another thing about this year was wanting to have more freedom in School. Other School have pass cards and all the other "Senior power" thing but we don't. We want this, that and those but we don't see what we have. Right? But God has provided us with familes, friends and caring teachers. We can never find teachers like this who pushed us hard to our limits, sometimes beyond. We say we can't do this, but they say they believe that we could.
      I'm so glad to be in this school and my favorite memory is Dominican Republic mission trip. We got to see the ocean and eat good food. It was great! Another memory that I would remember forever is when we come together as a class and talk about our feelings - I think that is also how we bond. I love praying with you guys and hearing about what's going on in you guys. We'll keep in touch. I'll miss you guys and I love you guys very much.,

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