Friday, June 1, 2012

My last day of High School

      At the end of the school today, we had this thing called open mic; anyone could come up and tell us about their school year and what they learned. People walked, stood up on that stage and began to talk; I will miss yous,  thank yous, good byes and forgive me. They were all very exciting and people laugh at funny jokes. But sitting there, with my head against Alyssa lap, I began to feel that 'feeling' inside - fear. After the graduation tomorrow, we will no longer be some silly teenagers but actually an adult, who is fully responsible for one self. I guessed, I was used to wake up everyday, knowing that my school will be there, my teachers will be there and my friends will be there. But now, I won't have that anymore. Ugh, I'm going to miss you guys.
      Okay, back to the open mic thing. I didn't had a chance to share what I learned this school year. Well, since I am a Senior, I'll share what I learn in High School :) 
      You should always keep your mind on God. Grades, boyfriends/girlfriends, friends, money and ect - those won't be forever because God didn't meant it to be that way. High School is just another step, the very first step actually, to an adulthood. I would remember this for the rest of my life. 
      I don't have much to say because I have to get a lot of sleep because tomorrow is our graduation and we have a 'surprise' until 2 am. Oh well, that's the fun of being a Senior :),

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  1. Sounds like a very special day with special friends! God has lots of new adventures ahead for you Jemimah & all of your classmates also. New adventures can be a bit scary but God will always be there every step of the way. You have made so many fun memories with these friends. I know you will keep them in your heart! Enjoy graduation day & the fun surprise!


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