Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Growing up

I got my own apartment! Whoa! I am so happy and pretty excited about everything. I just went to say hi to some girls next door and they were very kind! Haha!
So, I am currently in Bangkok studying dancing and singing. Couch said I have a good voice but not movement. Like, I don't act like a girl? Hmm... Yeah, because I jump around a lot and I put my chin up a lot. Which he said it is good but not for singing. 
The owner of the school is one of our relatives but they took me in as their daughter. So now I get to call them Daddy and Mommy (I call my mum, mummy). It is very exciting here! Sure I have practices from late after noon to almost midnight but all is good. Gotta fight right? 
Yeah, another good thing that happen to me lately is learning to grow up. I'm mean, I live by myself now. It sounds so scary. Yeah, to me, it is. But I know that God is protecting me. He continues to bless me in many ways that I feel so bless! Everything in my life is just so good right now and its been a long time since I can say that. 


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