Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fallin' into Autumn

Apparently, there's no Fall in Thailand. Sad, I know. Thailand only has 3 seasons: Summer, Rainy and Winter. Each goes for 4 months.
Right now, we're in Rainy season. Yep, it rains. Every. Day.

But that's not what has happen in my life so far. If you are friends with me on facebook,  you would have heard about someone trying to break into our house. Not something that would happen a lot in a quiet town but we think it's just some teenagers trying to disturb the peace, you know?

Well, that was mostly what has happen. We tried to catch the guy but couldn't. We are trying to get help from the police department and they said they will send someone to come check it out. So please pray for us Chaisuks.

Anyways, back to the talking about Fall. What do you guys love about fall? Me? I love the smell of the fall candles from Bath and Body works! They are so awesome but too bad they don't sell it here in Thailand. I also like jumping on the leaves too! It is so much fun and it  may be silly at times but who cares right?

Oh and this was a picture of me last year when I played soccer! Haha! I looked weird though, almost like those cartoon thingies. :)

Well, off to catch some burglars!


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