Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A perfect day for me

Hmmm.... It would look like this.

8.00 AM I would wake up early from my sleep without feeling tired. Then going downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee and maybe a little breakfast with rice porridge, pad pak boong, eggs and some sausage. Yum.
9.00 AM I would spend the morning catching up on my reading with some soft music in the background.
11:00 AM Get ready by hopping into a warm shower and then do my makeup. Maybe have my hair up and wear a dress. Find those shoes that makes me taller. Or maybe just some flats would do.
12:00 PM I would have some lunch with a family member or a friend. Maybe have some noodles at that one restaurant that I love.
1:00 PM Get a little ice cream cone or maybe just a bubble green tea shake.
2:00 PM Spend the rest of the afternoon watching a movie or maybe Gossip Girl.
4:00 PM I would love to do a little yoga or some stretches.
6:00 PM Help my pa and ma cook supper. It doesn't have to be something big but maybe have some soup, rice, veggies and some kind of meat. Grilled Chicken and some homemade spicy sauce with a squeeze of lime?
7:00 PM Have dinner and then family devotion. Even though I am horrible with guitar but once in a while, it would be nice to play it with Pa. Some easy worship songs.
8:00 PM Watch a Thai drama with the fam. It's a fun family bonding time. We would critic on how the actress would have a full on make up to bed or how someone who is sick always have white lips even if it's just a fever. But because it's chessy, we like it.
10:00 PM Would love to facetime with the Family in the US. Miss them so much!
11:00 PM This is almost to the bed time. I would spend it showering. Then put on all those layered night creams and body lotion, yes! Then go on facebook, Instragram, Hotmail and Youtube. Watch Bubzvlogs. Her vlogs always brightens my day. Then finish with reading the bible on my Ipad.
12:00 PM Sleep with my puppy, Dodo, by my side :),

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