Thursday, November 24, 2011

Maybelline Baby Lips Quenched Review

I saw this lip balm when I read through some magazine. For some reason, the name of it sounds interesting to me. Baby lips? Huh.

So I went to a store to buy it. There were couples shades that I see: quenched, peppermint, cheery me, grape vine, pink punch and peach kiss. I spend 10 mins, trying to choose between quenched and peach kiss. I decided to go with quenched because it has no color.

The lip balm was suppose to renewed lips, moisturizes lips for 8 hours and it also has SPF 20. Well, I am very excited to try this out.

It comes in sort of like lipstick tube; you can twist the bottom and the lip balm comes up. It is like lipstick but nothing special about the packaging.

The smell of it was sweet yet not so much scent to make it overwhelming like other lip balms. I could feel it hydrating my lips as promoted. The lip balm is very easy to use and it is small so I could easily put it in the pocket of my jeans.

  • Gives my lips a shinny healthy look
  • Long lasting hydration
  • My lips feels smooth
  • The lip balm seems to melt, well, not melt but a little glossy after i left it in my jeans
I really like this 'baby lips' lip balm and I would repurchase it again. It really make my lips feel smooth and not chapped. It is also a plus that it has SPF20 too.

Note: This product was based on my opinion


  1. I saw you using it in school today :)

    1. hahahah. lol. stalker! ^ this.

  2. i am a straight guy and yes I also have problems with my lip because it always bleed because of dryness and chapness and yeah since I am a guy I was totally fine with it, and then i had my first kiss and my girl told me jokingly that i have bad lips and I was like?! argh! that was painful for me alright, yeah we broke up because of that. =(


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