Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

        Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I remember it was a very nice day to dress in green back in America.One of my best friends, Alyssa is part Irish so she would rock out those emerald green eye shadows and wear LOTS of green. I'm not Irish, but I do still like to wear green! It's just reminds me so much of Spring and the summer to come (which in Thailand, it feels like it is summer all year long [today it was 101 degrees]).But even though I'm no longer in America, I still wanna wear green today. So I got out my nail polish and start painting my nails. Alyssa send me those cracked nail polish (thank you so much girl! I shall send you something back), ever heard of those? It's basically you put on some matted nail polish and then put on the cracked nail polish on top once it dries and it would turned out to be like crackle and just cool. It could be found at Clair's and beauty departments. 

So here's what I've been doing...

This is called Nam Pick Ooung which is like a chili paste and a comfort food for us Northern Thais. If you ever come to Chaing Mai or Lampang (where I live) or any Northern part of Thailand, you gotta try these yummy soup! There's tomatoes, pork and vegetables in them.

We Chaisuk likes to eat vegetables. Zoon told me to put them in iced water for a couple minutes and it turned out to be very crunchy! Gotta try that for my salads!

The picture didn't turned out as well as I thought but I really love the Shamrock green which represent the color or shamrocks - the symbol of Ireland. It could also be called Irish green. I decided to have my ring finger be neon green that makes it fun with some crackle nail polish and sparkly nail polish :)

Tried to wear all green today. I had a green tank top and some green bow for my hair (which you couldn't really see, sorry my bad).

Here is my make up for today. I went with metallic brown from Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Coffee Shop 260 pallet and some Green Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye pencil in the color of Convert. Add some E.L.F Hyper-Shine Gloss in the color of Flirt and I'm ready to go! 

Until next time, everyone! Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day :),


  1. I'm a rebel! I'm not wearing green. ^.^

  2. YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! And ohmygoodness, I wanted to cry as Im reading through this because I miss you so much. Ill make you a deal - Im gonna update my blog and start posting again, okay?!? Just like you told me to :)


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