Monday, September 23, 2013

Baby Face Makeup Tutorial

     Well hello y'all! Long time no talk! As you might have seen on my Facebook wall, this has taken a long time for me to upload. Not because it was so much of the editing but it was because I gotta gather up my courage and try to post this. It's not easy getting bare face to the internet. So bare with me >_<

มีภาษาไทยด้วยนะคะ คลิกที่ นี่


These are all the product I've used:
Naked 2 pallet
Pond's flawless white lighting day cream SPF 18 PA++
Maybelline dream bouncy blush in Peach Satin
Maybelline B.B stick in 02 natural 
Rimmel glam eyes in black
Garnier skin renew ant-dark-circle roller
Clinique blended face powder in 04 transparency 4 (M)
Babylips in Cherry kiss
Some Korean Brand mist

Ready Let's gooooooo!


In Thailand they call it "baby face" because of the young looking it looks. Basically, you can call it natural makeup tutorial. Just sayin. And yes, this is my bare face. No makeup. No nothing. Ugh, I have bad dark under eyes :(


First moisturizer. Need I say more? Moisturizer is so so good for you skin. Even in a hot climate like Thailand. Just a soft one is good enough if you have oily skin. 

Ah, if I could have only one product on my face, it would be concealer. Thank you who ever invented this!


Try putting on your concealer in triangles instead of half circle so if would lift your eyes, aka, eye bags, ya know?


Too bad this is too light for me but that's okay because I also have a too dark loose powder haha! But I really like this BB stick! It's easy to use and easy to blend.


Apply the BB stick or any foundation on the highlights of your face. I hate having cakey face so it's nice to just use it on the part you needed most! Don't I look scary? Haha

Powder time! Yay! And don't forget the neck!


Babylips to match baby face huh?


Another product I cannot live without besides concealer. Just give it a few strokes on your natural eyebrows shape.


I took this "mascara" wand from Saphora. It's good for using to brushing the eyebrows to have it a natural look.


Thank you Nate for getting me Naked 2!! 


Use color B, which is a shimmering white on your eyes!


Now use B to enhance the hallows of your eyes.


I like to use eyebrows color, a dark brown color, on the line close to my lashes.


Use a smudge brush to smudge out the line so it would look natural!

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Bouncy blush!!!

I like to use face mist because then my skin will be less cakey but you can skip if you want.

So fresh!

Now you can use this eye torture looking thing :)

I love this mascara but too bad they don't sell this in Thailand. Boohoo. T^T

Seriously, it's so natural!

This lip tint was so popular when I was in middle school. There's herb stuff that makes it a red shade.

All done!

They have this cute machine that takes picture and you can decorate it here in Asia. I never tried it but always wanted to! It would look like this!

Yep! What do you think?,


Ps. Hey Katelyn! Sorry for not answering your texts! My ipad broke. So sorry! :(

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